SLED Security Training: South Carolina Certified Private Security Officer

SLED Security Training: South Carolina Certified Private Security Officer

SLED I, Basic four hour core course. This class will introduce you to the basic South Carolina, Law and Arrest for security officers. There will be a test to demonstrate your understanding of law & arrest and basic security officer power and authority. The class will prepare you to start your career as a Certified Private Security Officer.

SLED II & III (Firearms training and qualification)

SLED II (Revolver Training), SLED III (Semi-automatic)

Firearms Training:
The class will cover firearms safety, introduction to firearms nomenclature and operation of each type of firearm. Each student will be instructed in the responsibility and liability that comes with the task of armed security officers. Students must demonstrate the safe and competent use of the firearm on a range supervised and documented by a certified training officer.

Below are the minimum requirements to become a Certified Private Security Officer in South Carolina

(4) SLED may issue or renew a registration certificate to a person who:
(a) is employed by a licensed security business;
(b) is at least eighteen years of age; (Must be 21 to be Armed)
(c) is a citizen of the United States;
(d) has not been convicted of a felony or crime involving moral turpitude;
(e) is of good moral character;
(f) does not unlawfully use drugs;
(g) does not use alcohol to such a degree as to affect adversely his ability to perform competently the duties of a security company licensee, has not been adjudicated an incapacitated person without being restored to legal competency, and who has no physical or mental impairment which would prevent him from competently performing the duties of a security company licensee;
(h) has passed a SLED approved pre employment drug test;
(i) has not been discharged from the military service with other than honorable conditions; and
(j) has not been refused a license under this chapter for any reason other than minimum experience requirements and has not had a license under this chapter revoked or suspended.

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