South Carolina Concealed Weapons Permit (SC CWP)

The South Carolina Concealed Weapons Permit (SC CWP) course offered by SC Firearms Training is more than a qualification demonstration and overview of the laws governing concealed carry in the state of South Carolina, it is an in depth look into handgun handling, mechanics, fundamentals, and most importantly SAFETY, SAFETY, SAFETY.

The instructors of SC Firearms Training bring over 70 years of experience to the classroom from the fields of industrial security, state and local law enforcement, and the United States Army and Air Force. From this experience, students will learn first and foremost the safe handling procedures concerning all firearms. From there, instruction will be given concerning the laws governing concealed carry in the state of South Carolina. Laws covered range from a detailed explanation of the Castle Doctrine, to the Alter Ego Rule, to the Use of Deadly Force, to coverage of areas and states permitting concealed carry, and much more.

Various types of handguns will be on hand for practical exercises such as identification of parts on revolvers, single action, double action, and full double action semi-automatic pistols, safe loading and unloading procedures, and finally the firing of the handguns. When necessary, extra time will be spent to ensure students will be familiar with their personal firearm before qualification takes place.

Shooting fundamentals are covered in great detail beginning with grip and shooting stance. Isosceles Triangle and Weaver shooting positions are demonstrated and advantages and disadvantages are taught concerning both. An eye dominance exercise demonstrated in class will determine student’s dominant eye which will lead to proper stance education. Sight alignment, sight picture, trigger control, breath control, and follow through will all be discussed and covered in great detail with demonstration.

To conclude the class portion of instruction, methods of concealed carry will be demonstrated using various examples of concealed holsters including pancake side draw, pocket, ankle, belly, and shirt holsters. Field stripping exercises will familiarize the students with the tearing down and rebuilding of their handguns. Proper cleaning supplies will be discussed along with cleaning procedures.

A state required 50 question examination will take place to confirm competency and a 50 round qualification course will confirm proficiency. The qualification will consist of several sequences of fire from various yardages up to 15 yards.

Once testing and qualifying have been completed, the student will be fingerprinted and given all necessary forms in order to apply for the SC CWP.